Publisher Info

Give your users the ability to meme directly from your site provides an easy way for publishers to integrate their content with the community engine. Getting involved can be as easy as including a JavaScript, but for more refined control contact us to sign up as a partner publisher.

<script src=""></script>

We are partnered with hundreds of forum community sites where the memeIt publisher tags allow inline memes to be created through picture attachments uploaded at the site.

Helper software plugins

Do I need this? The script provided above is all that is required to add the memeIt tools to your website. However, if your website requires users be logged into the site in order to view attachments then the memeIt processing will not be able to pull the image to process. The plugins below attempt to address this issue in a non-intrusive way.


  • version 5.* download Zip Tgz
  • version 4 / 3.5+ download Zip Tgz


  • version 1.* download Zip Tgz